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Informe Nacional sobre la Situacion de Violencia de Genero contra las Mujeres, Venezuela PNUD


This document forms part of a United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) regional project aiming to evaluate the situation of gender-based violence in the Latin America and Caribbean region. It was commissioned to the Venezuelan Association for Alternative Sexual Education Association (AVESA) (Asociación Venezolana para una Educación Sexual Alternativa). The document provides information and data on gender-based violence in Venezuela in areas such as education, employment, health, the media, political participation, access to justice, and domestic violence and sexual abuse. Specific legislation is in place to address these issues but some laws still perpetuate gender differences and in some cases impede the penalisation of violence against women. Public policies and civil society actions are also in place and have been analysed here. Civil society response has been instrumental in creating programmes to attend to mistreated women and in carrying out public campaigns to increase awareness of these issues and engage the media. Various organisations, both from government and civil society, offer psychological, medical and legal services to victims of violence and 66% of them carry out prevention actions.


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